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2020 Conference Dates 

TUgis offers practitioners and technologists multiple ways to present their work to large audiences eager to participate. Presentations are accepted in the following categories:

Presentations are 20 minute illustrated talks followed by 5 minutes of audience questions and discussions.

Panel discussions are question and answer sessions with a panel of experts on a specific topic. The moderator introduces the panelists and guides the dialogue to ensure the discussion stays on track. Panel presentations are not a collection of individual presentations, but a dialogue. Panel presentations are 60 minutes total. We are especially interested in topics such as preparing for GISP certification, discussions around large data collaboration initiatives, or discussions about the local impact of changes to federal policy.

Mini Workshops should provide 60 or 120 minutes of hands-on technical training for a specific application or topic. Workshops are held in state-of-the art computer labs that can accommodate 15 to 35 participants. Workshops engage participants in an activity and teaches them a new skill. In the past, successful workshops have had participants log into guest accounts; users have been able to save their work for future use; and many presenters produce training materials. Presenters are responsible for providing the software and other specifications to us by July 29, 2020. We are especially interested in topics such as open-source GIS software; cloud services for hosting code, data, or mapping websites; IDE for python or JS coding; or how to customize apps for data collection.

Lightning Talks are 7 minute presentations in a fast-moving, exciting format. Each presentation can include a static poster, live demo, or utilize technology. Presenters are required to bring their own equipment. Internet access is available.

The Exhibitor Showcase is a 30 minute session on day one devoted entirely to our vendors! Each exhibitor will get their own room, and you can use this time in any way that you want: meet with your customers, give a demonstration, or run a product Q & A session.

NOTE: All sessions and workshops will take place in smart rooms equipped with Microsoft Windows, MS Office 2016 suite, Internet access, LCD Projector with a minimum of 1024×768 resolution, and 16x9 screens. Presentations can be pre-loaded onto the podium computer beforehand from optical media (CD-ROM/DVD) or USB drives with native Windows XP drivers. Software demonstrations requiring internet access should not use the local wifi signal; please use the podium computer instead, or use the podium Ethernet cable and a guest account.

Questions? We have answers!

Please feel free to contact me at any time: Martin Roberge, chair of the Programming Committee (mroberge@towson.edu)

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.